Announcing x-gui

In March 2016 I presented at the Sandstorm SF Meetup. I shared the design process that went into creating TextEditor, and I extrapolated a set of design guidelines for creating open source apps. As a followup to this, I am anouncing x-gui, a library of web components for building consistent web apps.

X-gui is an experiment and is evolving rapidly as I prototype more apps to learn what components are needed. It could be compared to Google's Polymer Catalog, but key differences being it is built without a library like Polymer, and it has a completely different visual style (doesn't look like Google).

You can read more about the project on the x-gui github. The readme has a lot more info. There's also an online demo.

Want to start using it?

bower install x-gui/x-gui
# or
git clone

Below are the slides from the talk.