Hi, I'm Richard Caceres, a Developer, Designer, and Musician.

Follow me on Twitter and Github, or send me an Email. Or run into me at the Musee Mechanic in San Francisco.


I enjoy being a full-stack web developer. As of January 2016, I'm a software engineer at the Internet Archive. Previously I helped build Cargo Collective and worked on many great websites with OSK Studio and Use All Five. I also co-created wowlist.org. And last but not least, there are also a handful of open source projects and libraries under my name on Github.

I am truly full-stack and do everything from setting up Puppet to configure the servers to designing the database schema, to writing the html, to tweaking css (or scss) to make visual and layout changes.

"Indie web" has always been important to me and I continue to host my own website. I have done so since the days of Geocities and when I was only in middle school.


I'm a musician. In my past I have experimented a lot with recording and electronic music. Nowadays my focus is on performance and specifically jazz piano performance. It is the perfect medium for me because it combines a rule based system with endless possibilities for experimentation and expression. It can also be completely acoustic which is nice for detaching form the digital world. Not to mention I'm a huge jazz fan.

Over the years I have studied and performed with many different people. Some of my notable teachers include: Mark Levine, Grammy Award winning pianist Christian Tumalon, Mike Gallisatus, Chuck Mackinnon, Jane Jackson, Prisca Pan, Francisco Aguabella, and Alfonso Ochoa. In addition I've performed with Spencer Owen, Julio Lacayo, James Rabbit, and trombonist Frank Phipps.


I consider myself a designer in the general sense, where I solve problems for humans. My strength in design is in building new tools that solve problems in creative, simple, and beautiful ways.

I am also interested in the aesthetics of objects, and have incorporated object photography and ephemera scanning into my practice.