NES MIDI Interface

As a kid growing up, my favorite video games were multiplayer games. Having spent so much time playing them, it is no surprise that I still desire multiplayer experiences. This NES controller to MIDI converter is another exploration of the connections between sound/music and play/games. It is an interface for sonic collaboration and entertainment.

The device was exhibited at the UCLA Design Media Arts Undergraduate Exhibition in 2008.

When performed solo the interaction takes on a whole new direction. The performer finds ways to use all the controllers at once. This can be done with the feet, elbows, palms, head, etc.

The controllers as instruments can be used to trigger anything from sonic explosions to calm meditation.

Two arpeggiated mbiras with kettle noises and door squeaks: MBIRA ARP KETTLE NOISE.mp3

Improvisational duet with melodious second half: With Madre Edited.mp3

Noisy upright bass and kitchen noises: improv 2 for Video.mp3

Materials: Custom electronics, Arduino, Nintendo controllers, MIDI, Audio
August 2008