Music School

In September of 2011 I enrolled at College of San Mateo and began working on an Associates of Arts degree in Music. At the time I had taken up classical piano lessons again, but I felt that meeting for one hour a week did not satisfy me. Also, my main goal was to ultimately develop as a jazz musician, and CSM provided an avenue for that.

Over the next three years, I completed many classes but have not finished the degree yet.

Here's a list of the classes I completed.
- Harmony 1 - 3
- Musicianship 1 - 3
- Advanced Piano workshop - 2 semesters
- Jazz Big Band (piano) - 2 semesters
- Jazz Combos (piano) - 3 semesters

College of San Mateo has an excellent music program, and I would recommended it. Professor Jane Jackson is talented pianist and dedicated classical theory teacher. Professor Mike Galisatus is well regarded in the bay area jazz community. He encouraged me to play and has inspired myself and countless other musicians to develop their jazz abilities. Professor Chuck Mackinnon is a NY transplant and contains wealth of knowledge for aspiring jazz combo performer.

Finally, at CSM I met many other musicians who have become friends and musical comrades.