100 Meeting Places

In 2007 I was a member of Synthia Payne's experimental improvisational ensemble. This culminated in a tele-performance with Pauline Oliveros over internet-2 (the separate faster internet). Four ensembles in different locations followed live conducting broadcast through video chat.

Synthia Payne writes:

"100 Meeting Places 2007" by Pauline Oliveros and under her direction from RPI. Participants include Chris Chafe et al at Stanford CCRMA, Sarah Weaver's ensembles at Loyola Chicago, and yours truly in Santa Cruz, Synthia Payne, with leaf tine, richard caceres, jamie burkart, and chris mix. This was a 4-way live performance between the four locations over Internet2. My participation was in partial completion of my MFA in Digital Arts and New Media at UC Santa Cruz in 2007. Enjoy!

Full Audio: http://soundcloud.com/synthia-payne/100-meeting-places-unedited
Short video of video chat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR-Lap8WRgE
Video from rehearsal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBg_vGCktL8

March 27, 2007