"[T] first thing an electronic composer does is build a set of instruments, a soundworld." -- Brian Eno

"If this word, music, is sacred and reserved for eighteenth- and nineteenth-century instruments, we can substitute a more meaningful term: organization of sound." -- John Cage was a minimalist forward-thinking website that allows people to create profiles and upload sound, music, and anything in between. It tries to break out of the mold of bands and albums and instead focuses on individual people and projects. Projects can be ongoing (such as a series) or complete (such as an album). The name might communicate the idea; A "Sound World", or "Worldview in Sound", is one's relationship to the world of sound around them.

It turns out that right around the same time Sound Cloud was being developed. There is a lot of synchronicity between and what Sound Cloud would become. For example, both sites were designed to show the waveform.

Unfortunately, never made it past the design and prototype stage. It is a lesson in the synchronicity of ideas and how if you have a good idea, someone else probably has the same idea.

Materials: Internet technologies
December 2009